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In order for you to survive in business today, you need to be technically competent. That requires you to understand what is new on the market, what social media tools are needed to stay connected and what is the new hottest device. Now, in order for your business to survive, you need to make sure all this technology is properly managed so it will work for you. We offer a full suite of products that allow your IT needs to be fully managed, backed up and virus free.

Managed Services Overview
Managed services allows you to have your computers updated, monitored and taken care of by Resolve Technology Group. Your computers would be remotely managed allowing us to see problems from our offices.
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Managed Anti Virus
You have heard about the headaches caused by a virus taking over a computer. Slowing down productivity, making the user re-install software, clean up the mess that was made. Protect yourself and don't let a virus bring you down.
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Managed Backup & Restore
Are your documents and data backed up? Are you sure the backup is happening and do you know how to get to those documents when you need them?
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Preventative Maintenance
Prevent catastrophes by keeping your computers and software up to date. Software and hardware vendors constantly have updates about their products, and if you stay up to date on your updates, you can prevent bad things from happening to your computers!
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Cloud Services
Discover how RTG’s Cloud offerings from Rackspace can help you migrate and integrate into cloud based IT Services in your company, no matter where you are located. With zero upfront investment, scalable solutions, your Cloud solutions can grow and shrink as your needs change. You can be working in the cloud in no time.

Web Site Hosting
Resolve Technology Group has partnered with Rackspace to provide fanatical web hosting.
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